Welcome to Lightlab ! In order to facilitate your teaching experience with Lightlab, we are developing supplements and finding resources. The supplies needed for the Hands-On activities are listed on page ix of the book. Most of them can be found around the house or local stores. The items you may need to purchase from a Science supply store are in the photo to the right. Please contact Suzanne for details until we have them available for sale on this site.

The following supplements are available on this site:

  • The chapter answers in the book

  • Crossword puzzles with solutions to assess your student’s learning.

  •  Videos that offer engaging background information about the concepts and ideas, whether they be scientific or biblical. 

  • A sample PowerPoint lecture on Chapter One, for Mac versions. The PC version will need some adjustments and we hope to provide one for you soon. The rest of the PowerPoint lectures will be available for purchase, and they can be useful when teaching a large group.

Click HERE to go directly to book resources and supplements.

Please email lightlabetc@gmail.com to inquire about these supplies

Please email lightlabetc@gmail.com to inquire about these supplies

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