Apollo8 Christmas Eve message


Apollo 8 Christmas Message 

Thanks to Apollo8, Christmas Eve 50 years ago brought a lot of hope after a particularly difficult year in the world.  Martin Luther King Jr. and Senator Bobby Kennedy were assassinated, the war in Vietnam was escalating and riots had filled the streets of the U.S.. Therefore, Apollo8 attracted the largest audience ever to the TV screen to watch this message from space !  

God’s sovereignty glared through the timing and location of the events of this excellent space mission, reminding us once more that He alone can bring order amidst chaos by shining his light in darkness. Its coincidence with Christmas Eve reminds us of the supremacy of Christ as described in Colossians 1:15-23 where one finds the strongest statements about the divine nature of Christ as the firstborn of all creation and the one who can reconcile us with the Father.

In awe of our creator and savior ! Suzanne Shera, M.S., Author of Lightlab

Science and Christianity


One reason why young adults are leaving the church is due to the tension they experience between Christianity and Science. A research conducted by the Barna Group in 2011 confirmed this as one of six reasons why 60% of those 15 and older, went away from the church either permanently or for extended periods of time.

During my university studies, I too struggled between my cultural christianity and the science major I had chosen. I was a declared agnostic because I was under the impression that the two could not be reconciled; the textbooks didn't reveal that several prominent scientists were also devout christians like Michael Faraday and James Maxwell. I found out about their faith while I began writing the Lightlab lessons ten years ago! Hence they became the feature scientists of the book Lightlab, where I mention their contributions to Modern Optics and examples of their faith (Chapters Two, Seven, Eleven, Twelve).

“The book of nature, which we have to read, is written by the finger of God.” Faraday

“I think men of science as well as other men need to learn from Christ, and I think Christians whose minds are scientific are bound to study science that their view of the glory of God may be as extensive as their being is capable.” Maxwell